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HH, Kambwili to lead streets protests over “illegal” salary hikes for Ministers

The opposition UPND and the National Democratic Congress have agreed to jointly hold peaceful demonstrations over the decision by government to award Cabinet Ministers and the President 100 percent salary and allowances increments backdated to January 2018. The two opposition parties contend that the decision is illegal as it was down without parliamentary approval. UPND


A TOTAL BAN on super-market type plastic bags has been introduced by the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Ed Chomba said this is in accordance with section 58 of the Environmental Management Act No 12 of 2011. Dr. Chomba said this is the Extended Producer Regulations which extends the

A 24 YEAR OLD woman in Lusaka has been arrested by police for swindling people using a Facebook Account

The suspect identified as Jessica Chilambe Chanda has been charged for obtaining money by false pretenses. Deputy Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has told Mwebantu in a statement that the accused has a Facebook page “Style by Jessie” which she has been advertising hair products for women as well as soliciting for capital to partner with


The continued diamond smuggling investigation of the Israeli-Russian Diamond Baron Lev  Leviev by the Israeli authorities should make the Government of the Republic of Zambia also institute serious investigation and  review his investment at Gemcanton emerald mine  formerly Grizzly Mining Ltd on the copperbelt.   Mr El Nefussy a representative of Levi Levieve was deported