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ZRA employee,Chinese national robbed by two women

A Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) employee has been robbed of a laptop, external hard drive, cell phone and K2,000 cash after allegedly being poisoned by two suspected Tanzania’s females. Police on the Copperbelt say this happened at a named Lodge in Kitwe. Copperbelt Police Commissioner SHARON ZULU says also attacked and poisoned is a Chinese

CDF guidelines to be simplifies-Musokotwane

Masauso Mkwayaya-Finance Minister SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE says the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) guidelines will be simplified to allow Constituencies to make decisions with minimum approvals from Lusaka. Dr. MUSOKOTWANE says the guidelines will be simplified in order to enhance utilisation of the fund especially in rural Constituencies. He says the system will be reengineered to ensure

Haimbe lauds Nigeria’s role in liberation movement

Hannock Kasama-Zambia has praised Nigeria for its immense contribution to the liberation of many Africa’s countries from colonial rule. Justice Minister MULAMBO HAIMBE says like Zambia- Nigeria contributed immensely to the liberation struggle of most Africa’s countries. Mr.HAIMBE has further praised NIGERIA for sustaining its bilateral tie with Zambia. He was speaking in Lusaka last
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