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PF loses Mututwa to UPND

… Imenda says the decision by Mututwa to leave his party to the ruling party is a testament that the UPND us getting attractive By Francis Maingaila ♥️ 💖 Lusaka, Zambia24 (7-05-2024) – Former PF Provincial Chairperson Charles Mututwa has defected from the opposition PF to the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND), citing

“Encouraging Student Expression”

… NACOSU is advocating for increased meal allowances during times of economic shifts. By Francis Maingaila Lusaka, Zambia24 (08-05-2024) – The National Council of Student Unions (NACOSU) has formally urged the Zambian government to consider increasing meal allowances, recognizing the strain students face amidst economic shifts. Micbelo Chizombe NACOSU Chairperson, told journalists a media, that

“Zambia’s Capital Markets Resilience Amid Challenges”

… Chitalu notes that this development points towards positive economic growth ahead. By Francis Maingaila Lusaka, Zambia24 (27-05-2024) – Zambia’s capital markets have shown remarkable resilience, evident through successful green bond issuances and the introduction of new financial instruments, bolstering liquidity. Phillip K Chitalu, CEO of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Zambia, highlighted positive indicators

“Safeguarding Press Freedom”

Chirwa outlines challenges and Progress on the media landscape By Francis Maingaila Lusaka, Zambia24 (3-05-2024) – In their pursuit of truth within a transparent society, journalists encounter numerous challenges. These hurdles include physical threats, intimidation, legal constraints, cybersecurity risks, psychological strain, and limited access to information. At the World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) event, Jane

“Zambian Unites for Press Freedom”

… Journalists gather to champion environmental reporting supported by evidence By Francis Maingaila Lusaka, Zambia 24- (03-05-2024) – Journalists from across Zambia’s 10 provinces gathered on May 3, 2024, to commemorate World Press Freedom Day (WPFD), emphasizing the need for solution-based reporting backed by evidence and free from bias. In a speech, Ministry of Information

“Transforming the Narrative”

…. Climate change coverage needs a solution-oriented approach, Says Expert By Francis Maingaila Lusaka, Zambia24 (2-05-2024) – An environmental expert urges a fundamental change in climate change reporting, advocating for a proactive, solution-driven approach to engage audiences meaningfully. Friday Phiri, leading climate change advocate, emphasized this shift during a Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA)
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