“Vigilance and Effectiveness”

…Tamba says DEC’s Commitment in the Fight Against Drug Trafficking Leads to Seizures and Arrests

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 – (July 8, 2024) – Through a series of meticulously coordinated operations, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to combating drug trafficking across Zambia. These efforts have resulted in significant seizures and numerous arrests, highlighting the complexity and success of the Commission’s strategies.

One of the DEC’s notable achievements occurred at Luangwa Bridge in Mafinga District, where 44-year-old Remmy Mutambo was apprehended with 120 kilograms of dry loose cannabis.

The contraband was ingeniously concealed in a polythene sack and dry banana leaves, showcasing the lengths traffickers go to evade detection.

“Allan Tamba, Public Relations Officer for the DEC, emphasized, ‘This significant seizure not only disrupted a major trafficking operation but also underscored the DEC’s vigilance and operational acumen.'”

In another targeted operation in Muchinga Province, Kennedy Sinkala, a 35-year-old resident of Tusunkane Village in Isoka District, was arrested for trafficking 6.4 kilograms of dry loose cannabis. Sinkala’s arrest reflects the DEC’s persistent efforts to dismantle drug networks in rural areas, where traffickers often operate with impunity.

“Tamba stated: ‘DEC operations in Copperbelt Province have also resulted in the arrest of 15 individuals for trafficking over 12 kilograms of dry loose cannabis and 980 tablets of Benzhexol (Artane), demonstrating the Commission’s commitment to protecting youth and vulnerable populations from drug abuse.'”

“Notably among those arrested were Ruth Kabanga and Mulenga Chama, found in possession of substantial quantities of illegal substances,” Tamba added.

In another sophisticated operation along the Mazabuka-Lusaka road, DEC officers intercepted a minibus carrying 92 sachets of high-grade cannabis cleverly concealed in a mortice lock box.

“Tamba remarked: ‘This operation, resulting in the arrest of Maxwel Chibele and Peter Katema, exemplifies the DEC’s ability to anticipate and neutralize sophisticated trafficking methods.'”

Such operations are crucial in preventing drug flow across regions, safeguarding communities from the ripple effects of drug abuse.

“In Livingstone, the DEC’s pursuit of drug suppliers led to the arrest of notorious 23-year-old dealer John Mwamba, found in possession of 728 tablets of Benzhexol (Artane). This underscores the ongoing threat posed by such individuals, with the DEC’s actions contributing to a safer community.”

“Tamba emphasized: ‘These operations highlight the DEC’s strategic approach in combating drug trafficking, showcasing our adaptability and use of advanced techniques.'”

He also stressed that while the DEC fights against drug trafficking, it cannot succeed alone. Tamba urged public vigilance and cooperation, emphasizing the importance of reporting suspicious activities to create a safer environment.

“The recent operations reflect the DEC’s robust and effective strategy in combating drug trafficking,” Tamba concluded.

“The seizures and arrests across various provinces underscore our commitment to protecting communities and eradicating drug abuse, with ongoing efforts and public support vital to ensuring national safety and well-being.”

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