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Unpaid dues”

… University of Zambia Unions is demanding for over 500 Million kwacha owed to members since 2015 By Francis Maingaila Lusaka, Zambia24 – (19 – 06 – 2024) – Three prominent unions at the University of Zambia have joined forces in demanding the long-overdue payment of more than 500 million kwacha owed to their members

HFZ unveils bold 2024-2026 strategic plan

… Dr. Desai says this will trengthen Public-Private Partnerships for Enhanced Healthcare Access and Quality Across Zambia By Francis Maingaila Lusaka, Zambia24 (19-06-2024) — The Healthcare Federation of Zambia (HFZ) has unveiled its strategic plan for 2024 to 2026, aiming to solidify its role in Zambia’s health sector and enhance the healthcare system through collaboration

“Revolutionizes Healthcare in Zambia”

.. Dr. Moyo says Atwende health innovative “distributed care” model will bring quality Healthcare to remote areas By Francis Maingaila Lusaka, Zambia24 – (19 – 06 – 2024) – Atwende Health is set to revolutionize healthcare access in Zambia with its distinctive range of services tailored to meet diverse community needs. Dr. Chrispin Moyo, CEO

Hosting UN Tourism Conferences to Boost Business Tourism

… Sikumba says Zambia is poised for significant growth in business tourism By Nyasha Mutena Lusaka, Zambia24 (17-06-2024) – In a definitive move to solidify Zambia’s standing as a premier Business Tourism Destination, Minister of Tourism Rodney Sikumba announced plans to host two influential UN Tourism conferences in 2024. This strategic initiative aims to harness

Texila Student Adil Patel Elected Vice President of IASSS in Zambia

… Commitment to Aspiring Surgeons and Leadership Excellence Lusaka, Zambia24 (17-06-2024) – Adil Patel, a medical student at Texila American University Zambia (TAUZ), has been elected Vice President of the International Association of Student Surgical Societies (IASSS) in Zambia. As the Academic Secretary of the Student Representative Council (SRC) at TAUZ, Patel expressed excitement and


… Zambia Takes a Bold Step Toward Ending Child Marriage Through New Legislation and Dialogue to Protect and Empower Young Girls By Jean Serge Mandela! Lusaka, Zambia24 -(14-06-2024) – Gilbert Phiri, Director for Public Protection (DPP), emphasized the importance of ongoing dialogue to raise awareness about the minimum age of marriage in Zambia, highlighting its

“CFOs as Strategic Leaders”

…. Shaping Tomorrow’s Financial Landscape By Francis Maingaila Lusaka, Zambia24 – (14-06-2024) – The Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) hosted a Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) workshop, highlighting the critical issue of delayed submission of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) feedback. Antony Bwembya, ZICA’s Executive Director, emphasized the need for proactive engagement by CFOs in
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