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Workers Compensation Fund Control Board plan ahead

…As government urges the board to address the thematic areas on occupational health awareness, occupational injury coverage and operational excellence in the revised strategic plan, key areas that are fundamental to the transformation of the board into an efficient and effective organization in Zambia. By Francis Maingaila Lusaka (12-04-2023 – Zambia24) – The Workers Compensation

GEARS decries electoral violence

….Musonda says if left unchecked acts of violence will takes away all the gains of being a beacon of peace and aan example of a thriving democracy on the continent of Africa the country had made in the recent past. By Francis MaingailaLusaka (10-04-3023-Zambia24) –Governance, Elections, Advocacy, Research Services(GEARS Initiative Zambia) has expressed concerned with

TIZ decries unregulated political and campaign funds

… Nachibinga says unchecked money in elections not only hinders protections against undue, corruptive influence on decision-making. including from foreign interests but also prevents citizens from knowing whom their representatives answer to and impedes them from making an informed choice at the ballot box. By Francis Maingaila Lusaka (31-03 – 2023 – Zambia24) – Transparency

NGOCC regret unfair treatment of Mumbi Phiri

….. Sinkamba calls for an urgent review of the constitution to help in promoting a just and fair society By Francis MaingailaLusaka (6 – 4 – 2023 – Zambia24) – Non-Givernmental Gender Organisations Coordinator GOCC Board Chairperson Grace Sinkamba has not only regretted buy the unfair treatment of Mumbi Phiri but also urged the government

Chinese community console bereaved Zambia

… Heling says Chinese families are happy to provide help to bereaved families because Zambia their second home. By Francis MaingailaLusaka (04-04-2023-Zambia24) – The Chinese Association of Zambia (CAZ) has donated a total of 1200 bags of breakfast mealie meals and 500 bottles of cooking oil to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) valued
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