“Zambia’s Democracy in Peril”

… ZMP Deputy Chairman Mulenga Chela Sounds Alarm on Political Stability and Democratic Governance Amidst Alleged Conspiracy and Suppression of Opposition Voices

By Francis Maingaila ♥️

Kabwe, Zambia24 (7-07-2024) – Mulenga Chela, Deputy National Chairman of the Zambia Must Prosper Party, has raised serious concerns about the current state of political stability and democratic governance in Zambia.

Speaking at the launch of a national mobilization seminar for Central Province in Kabwe, Chela underscored the critical need for political stability and robust democratic practices as foundations for economic growth.

Chela alleged a conspiracy between the executive, parliament, and, to some extent, the judiciary aimed at stifling opposition voices.

He highlighted recent events in parliament, where directives from a single individual were enforced while others were ignored, questioning the motives and potential legal repercussions of such actions.

“The integrity of our democratic processes is under threat,” Chela stated.

“When instructions from one individual are acknowledged over others, it raises questions about the fairness and legality of parliamentary proceedings.”

The Deputy Chairman expressed alarm over the possible ramifications on democracy, including the likelihood of by-elections in over nine constituencies.

He emphasized that Zambia, already burdened by a high cost of living, electricity shortages, high fuel prices, and a scarcity of staple grain maize, cannot afford to divert resources to what he termed “unnecessary by-elections.”

Chela’s remarks come at a time of heightened political tension in Zambia, with opposition parties facing increasing operational difficulties.

Recently, Moses Moyo, the deputy speaker of the national assembly, announced the expulsion of nine members of parliament from the opposition, intensifying concerns about the suppression of dissenting voices and the health of Zambia’s democratic institutions.

He said the Zambia Must Prosper Party’s concerns reflect a broader unease within the political landscape, as stakeholders call for greater transparency, accountability, and adherence to democratic principles to ensure the nation’s stability and prosperity.

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