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The rape of Democracy and the rule of law in Lungu’s Zambia

Anonymous Doctoral Student Why do African political incumbents forget the mortality of fraudulently acquired and maintained political systems? Why do people like Mr. Lungu disregard the corpus of history that shows that—after politicians exit public office—the people will right past political crimes? Who ever said that dictators have no expiry date and that there is

Regional voting worries Lungu

President-elect Edgar Lungu has expressed concern that the voting pattern from last Thursday’s elections has the potential to erode the One Zambia One Nation motto. Addressing his supporters at State House grounds following his declaration as winner of the president election, Mr. Lungu says he was shocked to see how some people voted. He says

Zambia, time to move on

Time to move on. Zambia still has a challenging economic status and poverty to fight. With the announcement of ECL as President-Elect, one can only wish him a visionary leadership that finds solutions to the poverty in our midst as well as chart a future of hope, opportunity and unity as a country. In a

Why we need a recount in Lusaka – HH

At a press briefing on Sunday evening we set out the reasons why we need a recount in Lusaka district: 1. G12 forms were withheld from our polling agents after the initial release, meaning they were not able to verify the results. The totalling process cannot be legitimately completed without these and the only way

Lungu still leads as election nears end

With only 24 constituencies left, Edgar Lungu is still  leading the presidential race and is increasingly looking likely to win. The incumbent president now has 1,454,165 votes, while his closest rival Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND has garnered 1,383,594 votes. The difference between the two is now 70,571, meaning Hichilema now needs to post some

Kabimba’s Deputy resigns from Rainbow

Dr Cosmas Musumali has resigned from Rainbow Party. In a letter to Rainbow general secretary Wynter Kabimba yesterday, Dr Musumali, without disclosing the reasons for his resignation, stated that his decision to leave the party was with immediate effect. “I hereby tender my resignation from the Rainbow Party with immediate effect. Thanking you very much for all the work we have
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