By Hannock  Kasama

Transparency International Zambia -TIZ- has backed the decision by the Anti-Corruption Commission -ACC- and other government investigative wings to grant amnesty to people that would willingly forfeit plundered resources.

TIZ President KALUNGA SAMPA says the decision is well calculated as government has in the past spent huge funds prosecuting cases related to plunder of national resources without yielding positive results.

Mr. SAMPA says this is on account that the prosecution of most corrupt cases in Zambia has always been unsuccessful.

He was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka today.

Mr. SAMPA opposed calls by some stakeholders that government must repeal laws that grant amnesty to plunderers of national resources in preference to prosecuting them.

Section 80 of the Anti-Corruption Commission Act of 2012 empowers government with an option to grant amnesty to plunderers that willingly forfeit national resources to the state.

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