“Socialist Party’s Rising Influence

…Mwanza expressed great concerns over the rising cost of living affecting the people.

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (04-03-2024) – The Socialist Party, posing a threat to the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND), is also anticipated to be a significant contender in the upcoming 2026 presidential and general elections, as stated by Trymo Mwenda during a media briefing.

Mwenda highlighted the Socialist Party’s active participation in numerous by-elections, despite facing obstacles such as candidate clearance issues and intimidation from the UPND.

Despite these challenges, Mwenda noted the Socialist Party’s commendable performance in these by-elections, garnering considerable support from voters.

He emphasized the party’s persistent concerns about the integrity of the electoral process, urging the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to uphold fairness and transparency.

Mwenda reaffirmed the Socialist Party’s dedication to its principles and called for continued engagement from its supporters in future elections.

He cautioned against political manipulation and malpractices, underscoring the significance of the 2026 elections as an opportunity for democratic expression.

At the same briefing, Antonio Mwanza, the Party’s Deputy Secretary-General, remarked that the escalating cost of living is playing into the hands of the Socialist Party.

Mwanza pointed out the UPND’s failure to address the high cost of living, citing findings from the Jesuit Centre of Theological Reflection indicating that a family of five requires K10,000 to sustain itself.

He expressed concerns about the rising costs of food and nutritional necessities, particularly impacting families.

Mwanza highlighted the significant lag in civil servants’ salaries compared to inflation, severely affecting their purchasing power.

He criticized the President’s reluctance to engage with the opposition, which undermines calls for collaboration on national issues.

Mwanza raised questions about the President’s willingness to work with others, citing the lack of response to opposition party requests for dialogue.

He criticized the President’s self-centered approach and disregard for advice from various sources.

Mwanza stressed the necessity for genuine collaboration and dialogue to tackle national challenges.

He underscored the potential influence of Socialist Party leadership and its support base in shaping socialist ideals.

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