Lungu’s stance on development unacceptable – HH

HH speaking at a rally

HH speaking at a rally

UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema says President Edgar Lungu’s stance on development is unacceptable.

Hichilema or HH as he is famously known said this in a statement below to Zambian Eye.

President Edgar Lungu has once again shown his hypocrisy and ignorance on many issues, especially the true spirit of One Zambia One Nation.

Reports from his tours of the country show that he continues to preach divisive sentiments, proposing to only develop areas that vote for him and to ignore those that vote for the opposition.

This reveals a lack of understanding and respect of multi-party democracy. Coming from a sitting head of state such statements can even be read as an attempt to blackmail voters.

Moreover, President Lungu should note that it is exactly this sort of attitude and behaviour that undermines our prospects for peace and unity as a nation.

President Lungu has clearly failed to learn that citizens have a democratic right to vote for a leader of their choice, and that once elected that President must represent each and every citizen.

Development projects must be spread across the country and be rolled-out as part of a wider plan of how to achieve the party’s vision, which in the case of the UPND is a united, prosperous and equitable Zambia.

Given the approach the PF is proposing of only developing select areas at the expense of others we can only suppose that their vision is simply more power and personal wealth for its top officials.

Lungu’s stance also confirms why some areas and constituencies in the country have to date been neglected and not received fair attention, for example through the release of Constituency Development Funds.

Clearly this is precisely the sort of challenge that has caused President Lungu to run away from the proposal of a head-to-head live TV debate ahead of 11th August

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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