The unison running in the Green Eagles family is amazing as it has connected Players, EXCO and fans thinking and pushing in the same direction.

Bwezani talked to one of the most celebrated fans of the Tonka Tweende family in Mercy Sichaza who just as players and EXCO believes the time for the team is now.

I asked her the chances of Green Eagles heading into the ABSA Cup semi-finals. She has no room for any other result.

“This time we as Green Eagles, are taking each and every game we play seriously… We feel this is our season so we have to do well in all angles. The ABSA game against ZANACO is as serious as the Coronations final against ZESCO United … No jokes we have to win on 15th June and play the final on 22nd June 2019. Green Buffaloes denied us last time out and we won’t accept ZANACO to do the same this time around,” with confidence said Mercy.

That’s serious confidence and for the benefit of those that are knowing Mercy for the first time, I asked her how she found herself in this situation and motivated to start supporting Green Eagles.

“Bwezani, I love soccer and firstly I just used to hear about Green Eagles playing from Maamba, by then I was still in school and my friends would entice me to follow the team to Maamba I would refuse knowing how Maamba Road is .. Jokingly I was like, I don’t want to die just following to watch the game …am still young . Back then I used to watch Chelsea with my late brother (MHSIP), He was a Manchester United fan but I used to follow. Sometimes I would be found the only lady in a group of men and I don’t know how that confidence came.

Watching Chelsea, I was inspired by the Team Doctor and from then I told myself I would one day turn up to be Team Doctor for Green Eagles. My brother said for that to happen, I should be watching Green Eagles. That was the start.

But being the only team in Choma I felt I have to support my home team regardless of the results……. narrated Mercy.

Just from that, A well celebrated Green Eagles fan started supporting the team. Asked about key players to always look out for, Mercy didn’t struggle to respond.

Mercy: Everyone is my favorite though I get worried if the following are not playing well because I feel they are pillars.

Ba sugar ..aka Spencer Sautu, hard working, he can play everywhere on the pitch.

Ceaser Hakaloba, too much leadership in the lad and we are at home with him.

Lazarus Phiri, very good team player encouraging his fellow players around him.

Difficult to end but I can add up Kizito Cheelo, Wasema, and Sunzu of course. Great players, we have in this team and I think they really understand what they are supposed to do.

Mercy has a message for the fans ahead of the crunch encounter against ZANACO.

The team needs our support than never before, let’s support them and on a serious not am calling on those who can manage to travel, let’s travel together for the remaining three games starting g with ABSA. This is the beginning of good things because Green Eagles have put Choma and Southern Province on the Map.

Asked about why she was counting three games instead of two before the semi-final is played. Mercy laughs with confidence.

“Bwezani, we are counting three because we are beating ZANACO, this you shall attest. This is not a small Green Eagles, you used to write about, We are big and make sure you watch the game because we need a lot of witnesses and to give you something to write as well.”

Now that’s confidence, But she didn’t forget Management into all this joy.

“We also thank the management for working tireless for the good of the team and most importantly for always including the fans in their planning.”

Wow …….. This should be good news to the players and management of Green Eagles if even supporters are celebrating the team in this manner. What remains to see is what happens on Saturday.

And yes, I will be there …….


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