IMF deal is a breather to Zambia – VEEP

By Tamara Muswala

Vice President MUTALE NALUMANGO says the IMF deal has given Zambia an opportunity to restructure its debt and grow the economy.

Mrs. NALUMANGO says with the IMF deal, the people of Zambia will experience availability of drugs in hospitals and construction of schools.

And Mrs. NALUMANGO has assured the people of Kabushi in Ndola that government through Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company will work to improve the water reticulation system in the area.

She says the free flow of sewer in Kabushi is a health risk for the people in the area.

The Vice President says it is unfortunate that Kabushi still remains one of the least developed Constituencies in Ndola District.

Mrs. NALUMANGO was speaking when she addressed a rally at KALOKO grounds in Kabushi Constituency.

She urged the people of Kabushi to vote for UPND candidate BERNARD KANENGO in the upcoming by-election.

Mrs. NALUMANGO said the UPND administration has proved within one year of being in office of good leadership, employment creation, free education and an end to cadreism.

The Vice President has also disclosed that government will construct 15 schools on the Copperbelt.

And UPND chairperson for elections GARY NKOMBO has asked the people of Kabushi to give the UPND chance and vote for BERNARD KANENGO for better development.

Mr. NKOMBO, who is also Local Government and Rural Development Minister, said the people of Kabushi must move with the rest of the country who voted for the UPND.

Speaking at the same function, UPND mobilization chairperson SYLVIA MASEBO said the people of Kabushi have been given a second chance to elect a leader who will work for them.

Ms. MASEBO, who is also Health Minister, said it is unfortunate that the people of Kabushi wasted five years on poor leadership.

And Youth, Sports and Arts Minister ELVIS NKANDU, Transport and Logistics Minister FRANK TAYALI also urged the people of Kabushi to vote for Mr. KANENGO.

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