Govt Committed to Support Local Authorities

By Paul Shalala
Government has reaffirmed its support to local authorities to work independently and deliver services to people in communities.

Vice President MUTALE NALUMANGO says the government will continue to offer support to local authorities as they are closer to the people than the central government.

Mrs. NALUMANGO has disclosed that since 2021, government has devolved eight government functions to local authorities in an effort to ensure that services are taken closer to the people.

Speaking when she officially opened the 2024 National Decentralization Conference in Lusaka, Mrs. NALUMANGO said the decentralization process will lead to sub national structures which will help them reach their full potential in service delivery.

And, Local Government and Rural Development Minister, GARY NKOMBO said for the first time in Zambia’s history, rural areas are receiving a fair share of development.

Mr. NKOMBO said decentralization has greatly benefited rural areas which had been neglected for a long time.

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