Chiefs Defer Consultations on review on Customary Land Certification

The House of Chiefs has deferred consultations on the review of the Lands Act and the Draft Guidelines on Customary Land Certification.

House of Chiefs Chairperson Chief NKAMBO says this is until consultations at provincial levels are done.

During the House of Chiefs Session that started on 8th April, 2024, the House was scheduled to consider the proposed amendments to the Lands Act of 1995 and Guidelines of Customary Land Certification.

Chief NKAMBO however said the House noted that matters related to the administration of land needed to be discussed starting at provincial level where all chiefs are represented before being tabled at National level.

Chief NKAMBO said this is in line with the bottom-up approach in the consultation process.

He further, said the House of Chiefs noted that customary land administration hinges on customary governance and practice which differ from one chiefdom to another.

Chief NKAMBO said that it is imperative that many stakeholders are given an opportunity to have a say on this important document.

The Chiefs has since urged the Ministry of Lands to ensure that this wider consultation is undertaken in order to develop a law that will be accepted and owned by a wider section of key stakeholders.

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