Chief Zombe pledges to work with new dawn govt

Chansa Kunda-Chief ZOMBE of the Mambwe and Lungu people of Mbala District says there is need to actualize the pronouncements made by the new dawn Government in simulating the country’s economic development because it will change the lives of Zambians in rural areas .

The traditional leader says President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has made major pronouncements towards that Zambia’s economic recovery that will alleviate poverty and ensure that all citizens are empowered .

He told ZNBC News in a walk-in interview that some of the key reforms like the access to free education will bring development in rural areas as more youths get educated.

And Chief ZOMBE has called on Government to help address outstanding land wrangles and disputes among traditional leaders .

He said it is gratifying that the Government made it clear that they will not interfere in traditional matters but that as the final line of authority they need to step in and resolves such issues permanently .

The Traditional Leader has further pledged to work with Government so that development is brought is to the chiefdom and its people .

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