A Referendum is a great opportunity for Zambia Fisho

Fisho MwaleAspiring candidate for the Executive Mayor of Lusaka Fisho Mwale says the referendum on the bill of rights is a great opportunity for Zambia.

Mwale who is an Independent candidate said this in a statement below to Zambian Eye:

This year, Zambia has the rare opportunity of holding a referendum alongside the general elections (the last referendum was held in 1969). This gives us a chance to decide how we want to be governed as citizens of our great country.

The amended bill of rights touches on issues that are fundamental to us all as citizens. The rights provided by the proposed bill of rights such as the right to protection from discrimination, economic, social and political rights as well as the right to privacy, access to information, freedom of the media and many other provisions are progressive and will promote freedom in our country.

It is in the interest of the country that I encourage every well-meaning Zambian to support the bill of rights by voting YES to the referendum. We all need to put our political interests aside and ensure the successful holding of the referendum.

We should all turn out in numbers and take part in making this important decision. This is an opportunity we have as citizens to make history.

However, my interaction with people in different communities indicate that most people do not know what a referendum is and what they will be voting for. I therefore want to commend the Electoral Commission of Zambia, the Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) and other civil society organisations for launching aggressive campaigns aimed at informing the citizens on the contents contained in the bill of rights. I further call upon the media and other organisation to ensure that the content of the bill of rights is given more publicity so that our citizens can make informed decisions. We should also focus on sensitising the citizens on the importance of turning up to vote for the referendum.

I wish the Zambian people all the best as we go towards the highly contested general elections that will be held alongside the referendum. Let us remain tolerant and peaceful as a Christian nation.

One Zambia One Nation.

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