The Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research-ZIPAR-has stressed the urgent need for Zambia to invest in water harvesting as a mitigation strategy against the exacerbating impacts of climate change.
Speaking at a discussion forum focused on transition pathways towards realizing Zambia’s green growth agenda in Lusaka today, ZIPAR Executive Director Herrick Mpuku says by harnessing and managing water resources more effectively, the country can mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on vital sectors.
Dr Mpuku explains that the recurrent droughts and floods are inflicting severe damage on key sectors like energy, water, agriculture and infrastructure, and poses significant threats to economic stability and livelihoods.
He says it is also important for Zambia to fully transition to a green economy which ensures that natural assets continue to provide essential resources and environmental services for the country.
Dr Mpuku says this transition calls for concerted efforts by state and non-state actors to come together to discuss and build a knowledge-base in evidence that is representative of the needs of all Zambians and their environments.

News Source: Phoenix FM

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