Zinzi Mandela Dies

(Sunday World) Zindzi Mandela has died.News of Zindzi’s death was confirmed by a family member, who did not want to be named for fear of victimisation.Zindzi,  the daughter of  the late state president Nelson Mandela and stalwart Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, was South Africa’s ambassador to Denmark at the time of her death.Details of her death were still sketchy at the time of publishing.It is expected that the family will brief the media about the cause of her death later today.Zindzi Mandela was born on 23 December 1960 in Soweto to Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela. Her father was both a direct descendant of holders of the kingship of the Thembu people and an heir to the chieftaincy of Mvezo. Zindzi’s nephew Mandla, descended from Mandela via his first wife Evelyn Mase, currently holds the latter title.The year of her birth was also the year that the African National Congress (ANC) launched an armed wing. Her parents were wanted by the government.[1] By the time her father was sent to prison Zindzi was 18 months old. During her youth Zindzi was often left in the care of her older sister Zenani Mandela when her mother was sent to prison for months at a time.In 1977 her mother was banished to the Free State and Zindzi lived with her. Zindzi was not able to complete her education until she was sent to Swaziland.[1] Eventually her mother was allowed to move back to Soweto.In 1985 her father was offered a conditional release by the South African president, P. W. Botha. Her father’s reply could not be delivered by her parents and Zindzi was chosen to read his refusal at a public meeting on 10 February 1985.[2] Post Views: 107
News Source: ZNBC

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