Zambia,Botswana to realize Kazungula Bridge Authority

By Justine Akakulubelwa

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA says he is delighted that the vision to establish the Kazungula Bridge Authority – KBA is becoming a reality.

Mr. HICHILEMA said this in Livingstone today, ahead of the Signing of Ten Memoranda of Understanding between Zambia and Botswana.

President HICHILEMA has assured that the Memoranda of Understanding being signed today will be activated through action to improve the economies and lives of the people in both countries.

He has thanked his counterpart from Botswana, MOKGWEESI MASISI, for having been instrumental in setting up the Kazungula Bridge Authority.

And, Dr. MASISI has thanked President HICHILEMA for his sharpness of mind to engage Botswana on how best the two countries can benefit from the Kazungula Bridge.

Dr. MASISI has also thanked the Joint Ministerial and Steering Committees for the job done in coming up with the ten Memoranda of Understanding that will be signed today.

In a bid to further strengthen bilateral relations between Zambia and Botswana, President MASISI has invited Mr. HICHILEMA for a state visit to Botswana.

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