Some women politicians have added their voice in condemning UPND Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa for his refusal to apologise to Vice President Inonge Wina in Parliament yesterday.This is over demeaning and disrespectful remarks that he made against the Vice President.Women Vision 2020 Trustee, Maggie Musonda says it is painful to see a young person like Mr. Mweetwa disrespecting the Vice President, who is a mother and grandmother.Ms. Musonda has demanded an apology from Mr. Mweetwa and urged UPND leader HAKAINDE HICHILEMA and party National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango to reprimand the Choma MP.And Women Vision 2020 member, Christine Mangonono says the Vice President must be respected not only on account of the office she holds but because she is a mother.Ms. Mangonono has appealed to Mr. Mweetwa to make peace with the women movement by apologising.Meanwhile, former Movement for Multi-Party Democracy -MMD- Vice Treasurer Stella Nkole says women have always been cardinal in the history of Zambian politics, hence the reason for them to be respected.Ms. Nkole said the behaviour of Mr. Mweetwa towards the Vice President Is Unacceptable and must be condemned with the contempt it deserves.Yesterday, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini ruled that Mr. Mweetwa was out of order, in breach of parliamentary privilege and in contempt of the House for the demeaning and disrespectful remarks he made against Mrs. Wina when he featured on Diamond Television.Dr. Matibini said Mr. Mweetwa’s description of the Vice President amounted to a personal attack and has potential of lowering the integrity and decorum of the House. Post Views: 13
News Source: ZNBC

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