“Women Can Improve Peace-Keeping Missions”

Zambia Army Commander Lieutenant General William Sikazwe says women participation can help improve peace-keeping operations in conflict areas.Lieutenant General Sikazwe says this is because women and children find it easy to share information of value to the women in uniform as opposed to the male soldiers.General Sikazwe said this through Zambia Army Brigadier General General Staff, Brigadier General Gilbert Mulenga.This was during the receiving parade for the Last Group of the forth Zambian Contingent in Lusaka at the Zambia Airforce Airport base.General Sikazwe praised the forth Zambian Contingent soldiers for a successful one-year mission in the Central African Republic-CAR-.The United Nations percentage ratio of women participation in conflict areas is 15 percent and Zambia tops the list of contingents with the most women at 16 percent.And Forth Zambian Contingent Second in Command Major Douglas Phiri says the tour of duty was a success despite the challenges of insecurity.Zambia has since deployed the last group of the fifth contingent and there is a likelihood of doubling the numbers of Soldiers to serve as peacekeepers in Central African Republic following accolades the troops have received from the United nations. Post Views: 16
News Source: ZNBC

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