The Zambia Alliance for Agroecology and Biodiversity is against the use of modern bio technology as well as genetic engineering in the food and agriculture system.
Alliance committee Chairperson Juliet Nangamba says the alliance seeks to maintain the highest biosafety standards by prioritizing human rights and the environment.
Mrs. Nangamba who was speaking during the Biosafety consultative meeting disclosed that the National Biosafety Authority-NBA did not follow what was agreed on in the last meeting pertaining to the use of biotechnology which was held in Livingstone.
She has further called on NBA to consult the people of Zambia to get the nation’s position on the matter before going ahead with the new proposed policy.
But NBA Chief Executive Officer Lackson Tonga said the authority is supporting biotechnology with caution.
Mr. Tonga, however, explained that the use of genetic engineering is beneficial in other aspects of health and the country cannot just rule out the use of biotechnology.

News Source: ZNBC

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