Tutwa Criticizes LAZ Over Constitution Court Case

Lawyer Tutwa Ngulube says it is wrong for the Law Association of Zambia -LAZ-to take the matter regarding the constitution to court without consulting the general membership.Mr. Ngulube says at the consultative meeting held at Intercontinental hotel in Lusaka a fortnight ago lawyers had agreed to review some clauses in the proposed constitution amendment bill before taking a position on the matter.Mr. Ngulube says LAZ President Eddie Mwiitwa should ensure that the Association is not used to fight political battles.He told ZNBC news that Mr. Mwiitwa should also explain what criteria was used to pick the lawyers that will represent LAZ in the matter and explain who will pay for the legal fees on behalf of the Association.When contacted for a comment Mr. Mwiitwa promised to respond to the allegations. Post Views: 2
News Source: ZNBC

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