“Transitioning Zambian schools to solar energy”

… Dr. Chansa says this will be a solution to climate-induced power challenges

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (30-03-2024) – The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) proposes shifting from hydroelectric power to solar energy for schools in Zambia to counteract the effects of climate change, which have led to frequent power outages.

Dr. Aaron Chansa, Executive Director, informed Zambia24 in a statement that the indiscriminate load shedding by ZESCO not only disrupts teaching and learning but also poses a serious threat to the stability of the entire education system.

“With less than K1 billion, all primary and secondary schools in the nation could be equipped with reliable solar power,” he explained.

Dr. Chansa strongly believes that the New Dawn Administration has the capacity to systematically provide solar panels to all primary and secondary schools in the republic.

Dr. Chansa emphasized that the daily electricity shortages in most schools gravely threaten the existence of critical subjects like Computer Studies, Home Economics, and Design and Technology.

Dr. Chansa fears that this situation will adversely affect the academic and practical performance of learners in national examinations this year.

“In many ways, load shedding negatively affects school operations, especially in boarding schools. The consequences of this activity by the power utility company could have far-reaching educational implications,” he explained.

“Considering that the country has no control over the annual amount of rainfall it receives, it is crucial for the government to avoid over-dependence on hydroelectric power,” he added.

With the abundance of sunshine in Zambia, Dr. Chansa observed that solar energy should be the sole and sustainable option for education.

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