“Timber Traders Association Demands Justice for Unfair Business Practices”

…. Tetamashimba as police to thoroughly investigate the matter and rule out the possibility of any wrong doing.

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 – (27-04-2024) -The Timber Traders Association of Zambia (TTAZ) Accuses Prominent Trader of Leveraging Political Connections for Illegal Activities

The Timber Traders Association of Zambia (TTAZ) has made serious allegations against Ackson Tembo, a prominent timber trader, accusing him of using his political connections to commit crimes.

TTAZ Vice President Isidore Tetamashimba claims that Tembo, also known as the “Mukala Star,” was the largest dealer in Mukula timber in Zambia during the previous regime and was the only person exporting timber during the ban on timber exports.

Tetamashimba alleges that Tembo’s actions constituted illegal activity and has urged the police to conduct a thorough investigation to rule out any wrongdoing, which could lead to his arrest.

He claims that Tembo amassed significant wealth and power during the PF regime and used his connections to secure special permits to export Mukula trees.

Tetamashimba further alleges that Tembo exploited traders by fraudulently exporting timber and facilitating illegal transportation, prompting the association to seek legal action against the government, which was ruled in the favor of the association.

Tetamashimba emphasizes that a proper investigation would lead to the discovery of corruption and result in Tembo’s arrest, which would be a significant step in the fight against corruption.

He stresses the importance of the Zambia Police diligently pursuing justice to hold all perpetrators, including those shielded by political connections, accountable.

He also highlights the prevalence of corruption within Zambia’s timber industry and the need to pursue justice to restore integrity and transparency in this vital sector.

Recently, authorities detained and arrested Tembo on charges related to fraudulent activities.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamppnga told Zambia24 in a statement that, Tembo faces two charges of obtaining money by false pretenses and obtaining pecuniary advantage.

“The first charge pertains to an incident where Tembo allegedly received $200,000 USD from a Mozambican national between June 6, 2021, and September 30, 2021, purportedly for supplying ten containers of Mukuka logs,” he said.

In the second charge it is alleged that Tembo received K1,900,000 for the sale of a Scania bus and two Volvo trucks and trailers to Kariki Investment Limited on November 23, 2021, in Lusaka.

Efforts to get a comment from Tembo proved futile as his mobile line remained unreachable.

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