South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has paid tribute to Zambians for his or her contribution to the liberation of his country from the apartheid regime.
He says his country got its freedom from the apartheid regime largely on account of the contribution that Zambians made.
Mr. Ramaphosa says that is this potential that of Zambia supplied shelter to many South Africans liberation heroes all the plot in which via the fight towards the apartheid regime.
He said this all the plot in which via the divulge dinner hosted in his honor by President Edgar Lungu at divulge home final evening.
Meanwhile Mr Ramaphosa said his authorities considers Africa as its bedrock for South Africa’s foreign policy.
He said it is for this motive that he’s on a tour of Southern Africa to strengthen the relationship with assorted international locations.
Mr Ramaphosa has since left the country.
Meanwhile President LUNGU final evening held a closed-door meeting with his South African counterpart at Impart Home.
Special assistant to the President for press and public relatives Amos Chanda said the two heads of divulge in their capacities as SADC chair and incoming chair of the organ on defense, politics and safety discussed a huge form of disorders amongst them the vogue in which to proper peace and steadiness in the living.
Mr. Chanda said the two heads of divulge agree with agreed to double their efforts in ensuring peace and steadiness in Zimbabwe.
He provides that the two Presidents affirmed that there is need for an all-inclusive, free and ideal electoral project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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