six million Zambians affected by drought

Paul Shalala


Green Economy and Environment Minister COLLINS NZOVU has disclosed that 6m people across the country have been affected by the drought.

Mr. NZOVU says those seriously affected are farmers, who earn their living from growing crops and those who rear animals.

Speaking when he addressed hundreds of pastoral farmers in Namusonde area of Namwala District of Southern Province, Mr. NZOVU said the drought is severe and it’s effects will be felt for a long time.

He called on farmers to work with government to mitigate the impact of the drought.

Mr. NZOVU also warned those in a habit of setting off bush fires that government will enforce the law against indiscriminate fires.

He said the law provides for 14 years imprisonment for anyone found guilty of starting a bush fire.

And Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit -DMMU- National Coordinator GABRIEL POLLEN has called on people to be vigilant against those who set off bush fires.

Dr. POLLEN says livestock farmers are now suffering because areas where they usually have pasture have now been burnt and nothing is sprouting which animals can eat.

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