Reality Check :Will the introduction of the national league improve competition?

By Lushomo Namwambwa | May 17, 2019

The 2019 MTN/FAZ transitional Super league is coming to an end with the only two games to spare teams have to prepare for the new league which is proposed to start in August with the national league being the new addition.

Reality check !!!

Will it make the league strong?

My view

Most teams that come from the zones don’t stay in the top flight league and most people say it’s because they luck sponsorship and quality players but we leave to see if the teams from the national league will will be able to compete with teams in the super division.

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The league structure will not make the league strong for lower league especially those in division one and two and more walk over games are expected in lower leagues.

For example in Central province teams expected to drop to the national league are Tazara express,Chindwin centries and Intersport. This means teams from division two will have to be promoted to division one to fill up the gaps and making more teams from division three to be promoted from division three to division two leaving gaps in division three hence the need for teams to fill up the spots left and we’re will the teams with sponsorship come from?, When already teams in this province fail to fulfill lower league fixtures.

Another practical example is Western province were only two teams are expected to drop from the zones to division one will sponsors come on board and sponsor these teams for a long period of time anyway only time will tell.

The other thing to noted is the promotion of teams from division one to the national league. We will have 10 teams as winners of the division one and how will the play off take place? and will it be fair to the teams knowing their is no automatic qualification to the national league, this will make lower leagues less competitive.

Sponsorship of lower division clubs must be looked into by FAZ donating football’s and set of jerseys helps the teams but the majour thing is money for teams to be able to travel and also to be able to invest in their coaching stuff.


In August the league will revert to its normal way and will be reduced to 18 teams. The winners of the zones will play play offs to decide the two teams to join the Super League. The other two losing teams will drop to the National Division One. The National Division One will be a sponsored league (By Eden University) and will put an end to the Division One zones.

The National Division One has 6 teams at this point (The two losing teams from the play offs and the four relegated from the Super League). Now the National Division One needs 18 teams so to make it 18 the other top three teams (2nd, 3rd and fourth) in each zone will qualify to the National Division One which will now make it 18.

The other teams will drop to the Division One Provincial leagues. The Provincial leagues will be Division One, Two and Three. There is a proposal that they should be for age groups (e. g U23 U20 and U17) but we have to wait and see.

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