Police,Kasama Residents Clash After Ritual Rumour

September 13, 2019September 13, 201912 Police in Kasama district are running battles with residents of Chambeshi-Location Township after word went round that one of the prominent businessman used charms to grow his business.The riot started yesterday in the afternoon after news went round that one of the workers at Tafisa Shopping Complex had gone mad in a suspected ritual practice.This angered the residents who then moved in and looted goods from the named shop at Chambeshi market.And a check by ZANIS this morning found Police firing tear gas to disperse the angry mob which comprise mostly the young people.Rioters were seen carrying assorted merchandise which included10 kilograms bags of sugar, salt, cooking oil among others.And Northern Province Police Commissioner Richard Mweene has confirmed the riots in Chambeshi Township.Mr. Mweene has however promised to give a detailed report of the situation later in the day.Meanwhile business has come to a standstill in the area as no one has opened their shops. Post Views: 12
News Source: ZNBC

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