Police Probe Death Threats on Kitwe TC

Police in Kitwe have instituted investigations into alleged death threats against Town Clerk Mbulo Seke.

Seke has disclosed in an interview that he had received death threats via mobile phone from unknown people following the demolition of structures built on land belonging to the Zambia Army at Mawlaik barracks in Kitwe.

The Kitwe City Council demolished the structures following a directive by the Ministry of Local Government on reasons that the piece of land on which the houses were built belongs to the Zambia Army.

When asked about the exact threats, Seke said he was not in possession of his mobile phone which had been taken by police to help track down the people behind the alleged threats.

Seke was, however, found working normally in his office, while some plain clothed police officers were spotted within the Kitwe City Council premises.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga has confirmed that her office has instituted investigations into the alleged death threats.

She has since issued a warning to all those behind the alleged death threats that police will not allow any threats against Seke.

Katanga said the unknown callers went to an extent of threatening to rape the Town Clerk’s wife after the Council demolished the structures.

The Kitwe City Council demolished four houses belonging to Annie Musa, Chabu Kibombwe, Ireen Nkandu and Chando Mbao, who is also Kitwe Deputy Mayor.

News source: Zambia Reports

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