Player status committee rules in favor of Young Eagles, Yeta fined

By the ZamFoot Crew | July 7, 2019

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Player Status and Transfer Committee has ruled in favor of Young Green Eagles in the case were Yeta appealed the decision by the Committee to award Young Green Eagles three points.

Yeta was found guilty of using ineligible players in a week 23 division one Zone four match against Young Green Eagles but later appealed the decision because they were not given a chance to be heard.

The Appeals Committee who sat on Saturday then referred the case back to the Player status and transfer Committee Committee and directed that the Committee reconvene to dispose of the matter in the presence of witnesses from both parties.

The Player Status Committee sat today and again found Yeta guilty of using two ineligible players. The Committee maintained their earlier ruling, Awarding Young Green Eagles three points and a three-nil scoreline.

According to the judgment document Documents the Committee, the evidence provided by Yeta was insufficient. Yeta has also been handed a K2,500 fine.

“We are on the evidence satisfied that the two players used FAZ identity cards for the Transitional League belonging to other players, duly registered for the season.”

“We, therefore, order that the respondent club forfeits their week 23 fixture to the complainant club with a 3-0 scoreline, in accordance with Article 11 (2) of the FAZ Regulations on the Status and Transfers of Players and impose a fine of K2, 500 payable before the next playing season.”

The ruling means Young Green Eagles will face Kansanshi in the playoff which is scheduled for Tuesday, July 9th at Khosa Stadium in Kafue.

The two clubs had physical representation at the hearing held this morning at Football House. Members of the Player Status Committee are Stephen Lungu, Lombe Mbalashi, David Simusamba, Mwape Moono, and Gideon Kaumba.

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