PF questions government silence over Haris’ visit to Zambia

..Mundubile ask whether there is something the stakeholder should worry about regarding Zambia’s newfound friendship with the US

Mundubile (file picture)

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka (30-03-2023-Zambia24) – The opposition Patriotic Front (PF) is extremely bothered by government silence regarding the visit of United of America vice president Kamala Haris and the ongoing Summit for Democracy organized by the US and co-hosted by Zambia along with South Korea, Costa Rica, and the Netherlands.
Leader of the opposition in parliament Brain Mundubile told journalists at a media briefing at parliament that the MPs have taken a keen interest in the agenda of the vising USA veep hence their demand for information for and on behalf of the people that sent them to parliament.
He said the decision by this government to keep silent is an express admission that Zambia does not have the credential to host the summit
Mundubile said America which initiated the summit of democracy equally does not possess the requisite credentials of democracy going by what that country has been doing both at home and outside the United States of America.

Vice President Kamala Harris takes her official portrait Thursday, March 4, 2021, in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building at the White House. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

He said Zambia co-hosting the democracy summit has lost its democratic credentials and wondered how it was chosen to host the event.
He said the democratic conferences held in Lusaka are a sham and there is no PF MPs have been invited to the conference.
He wondered why there is no statement on the floor of the house explaining the mysteries surrounding the conference.
For example, Mundubile observed, the USA has signed two executive order that not only appears to undermine the sovereignty of countries but also promotes LGBTQI across the world, especially in countries where the USA provide aid.
Although president Hakainde Hichilema has in the recent past categorically stated that his government does not support LGBTQ and will not take a side on the geopolitics of Russia and Ukraine where the American government has interests, Mundubile observed, the pronouncements of the US vice president in countries she has been suggested her visit Zambia is to champion the same agenda.
He wondered what president Hichilema will do should vice president Kamala Haris bring up the issue of LGBTQ and Geo politics agenda when she addresses the summit in Lusaka.
He said the PF has no intention whatsoever to support the proposals that are inimical to the interests of the people of Zambia whose country was declared a Christian nation.
He warned the minister of Home Affairs to resist the idea of using the police to suppress the rights of the people that wish to express their displeasure with the agenda being brought forth by the US government under the two executive orders.
He said anywhere in the world, the people have the right to picket the government for issues held dear by the government and want to demonstrate in the manner they deem fit to express their displeasure.
He said planning to foil the peaceful demonstration by the citizens is not in the best interest of peace unless the government is ready to pay a heavy price.
He vowed the PF will never allow foreign policy on the people of Zambia and urged the vice president of the USA to speak about democratic issues when she visits Zambia and not LGBTQ matters which the people do not agree with.
And Pambashe MP Ronald Chitotela told journalists at the same media briefing that the coming of the veep from America should not be premised on the promotion of LGBTQ.

He said Zambia as a Christian nation has no room for LGBTQI and the people of Zambia condemn the act in all manners possible
Even in the bible, Chitotela observed God punished the people that were involved in the vice being condemned now and does not want the people of Zambia to be caught in the vice.
Like ECL once stated, Chitilotela observed if the American government wants to tie aid to LGBTQI, let the aid remain in that country because the people of Zambia will not accept it.
And Mpika PF MP Francis Kapyanga feels the scandals popping is Zambia shows that God is not happy with what the government is doing in support of LGBTQ
He said the promotion of democracy which the USA is going with the aid tied to LGBTQ is a shame.
He said it is not a good idea to tie aid to some conditions, the same way the USA is doing when compelling the poor countries to support LGBTQ in exchange for aids
He said if the agenda for the USA is to support the LGBTQ, the government should not have allowed the summit to take place.
He said the PF have requested to protest against the planned agenda for the summit but the government refused.
He said the PF is geared to protest and promised never to be cowed by the threats coming from the ministers of home affairs.
And Chama North MP Mutayachalo Yotamu expressed concern about the appointments of lawyers to serve as judges in the Zambian courts as made.
Mutayachalo said Zambia cannot thrive on a dysfunctional judiciary hence his refusal to support the appointment of judges does not represent the people from all the provinces in the country.
He said the PF will not allow certain individuals bent on doing wrong to undermine the judicial system which has been an example in the region.
He said certain people that were nominated to sit on the bench had received a queer report from the security agents and this has raised eyebrows
He said Zambia is not short of lawyers to sit on the bench and wondered why the government wants people with questionable characters to sit on the bench.
He regretted that the opposition MPs were not allowed to interrogate the report that highlighted the shortcomings of the persons that were elected to serve as judges.
He said the Constitution is clear on the quality of the people that sit on the judges
He expressed worry that some of the people that got cleared did not qualify to sit on the bench.
And PF secretary general Nickson Chilangwa distanced the PF from the decisions that were made in parliament where persons who were killed cleared were ratified as judges.
He said the PF decided to reject the report because it have names that were not cleared by the select reports
He said the summit in Lusaka is a shame because it is called to discuss democracy which does not exist in the country.

He said in the election which took place in the recent past fell short of democratic principles.
He said the PF has written to the police and all the institutions which matters to hold peaceful demonstrations against undemocratic trends being exhibited by the new dawn administration.
If the response does not come positive, Chilangwa warned the PF MPs will take the blame for any action it follows should it decide to follow its dreams.

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