Opinion: GBM Should Tame His Tongue

GBMShould anybody be bothered by the arrest of Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba again on a matter of his not so tamed tongue?

Mwamba, better known as GBM, was on Saturday bundled away from the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport in Ndola on his way to a United Party for National Development national rally in Kitwe and locked up at Ndola Central Police.

On Thursday on a campaign tour in Kitwe’s Chisokone Market, GBM and his counterpart Miles Sampa met resistance from some traders who protested their presence in the market. GBM, who can be a little more generous with his fists and careless with his mouth, allegedly slapped a trader and in the midst of the ensuing fracas some property was damaged.

With that his team took off and walked into a police snare once he came back on Saturday; three days after the alleged crime was committed. GBM has made the police premises his playing ground and showed no sign of remorse as he lay defiantly on a mattress at Ndola Police Station affording the world host of images devoid of the seriousness of the crime.

One could easily speculate that GBM had achieved exactly what he had set out to do which is to attract attention to himself. Did he not once again break into a tantrum once he was released on bail in Kitwe by Magistrate Malozo Phiri? Did he not launch into a tirade sarcastically branding President Edgar Lungu a chakolwa (drunkard)? He went on to label the Head of State a small bodied man with a small heart.

Not that these words are criminal but GBM is a man in the face of an option of peace chooses provocation or in extreme cases violence. So why is it so difficult for GBM to campaign without invoking hatred or degenerating into violent language? No one doubts the heat in the political kitchen is hot but surely GBM should by now have mastered the art of keeping calm.

While the police may at times be easily given to react it would help if GBM knowing too well how charged the political atmosphere is should tone down his vulgarity inherently embedded in him as it may be.

Has GBM asked himself why his president Hakainde Hichilema and his more civil and composed counterpart Dr Canisius Banda have steered clear of such trouble?

So for now we hope GBM will tone down and focus on pushing his party’s agenda of mounting a formidable challenge in the August 11 elections.

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