No Price Controls On Mealie Meal or Maize

Government has dispelled reports that it has placed price control on mealie-meal and maize.Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo however says though government upholds the country’s liberal market system, measures have been instituted to stop the escalating prices of mealie -meal throughout the country.Mr. Katambo says the measures would see the 25 Kilogramme bag of breakfast mealie-meal selling between 100 and 115 Kwacha.He added that Roller Meal will fetch between 80 and 90 Kwacha.Mr. Katambo further said that the price of maize has been pegged at 130 Kwacha.Meanwhile Mr. Katambo is dismayed with sentiments by some Zambia National Farmers Unions alleging that government is bull-dozing the price of maize.He said while farmers are expected to reap profit from the maize, government would not tolerate a situation where average Zambians fail to afford the cost of mealie-meal. Post Views: 2
News Source: ZNBC

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