As she reviews the Transitional League

The ever improving and advancements on how news is filtered through has not escaped the sphere in the Football World and more so locally.

Gone are the days, when people in remote parts or away from football action needed to wait until they got a chance to listen to the radio and or watch television to be able to get an up date. That was way much later.

More delayed was the wait for the next bulleting in the newspaper the following day. It was even worse as other had to wait up a week to get an update on happenings through those weekly magazines.

But again it was fun and worth the wait. Archaic as the news might have been, but it still was latest news to those who received it that late.

Today, technology is on the goal. One can easily get realtime updates on happenings in football virtually anywhere in the world. Its now dependent on how versatile one is in being able to utilize the gadgets at ones disposal to browse the possible search engines. Not a question of availability of information.

And its against this background that local clubs have equally adapted to this craze and brought on board Media Personnel. Its been a refreshing development as this has improved on the distribution of information. In the end minimizing and absorbing the rumours from causing confusion.

The media teams at clubs are up to tremendous work, and such is a versatile lady at Napsa Stars FC, Gwen Mulundu Chipasula.

Napsa Stars Football Club Media Gwen described the season as follows:

“Its been very competitive and extremely unpredictable, every team was really fighting to get into the top two, we saw the teams that probably football fans never expected to get into the top two.”

On the teams she thought did enough to fight for CAF slots:

” Every team was fighting hard and I feel like the teams that have made into CAF Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup really deserve it because every team was fighting hard. The truth hurts and that truth is that the best teams made it.”

Did the transitional season disadvantage other clubs?

“It was short season and you wouldn’t really know what woukd happen to your team week in week out. Anxiety , suspense and maybe excitement is what this season has given us.”

Does she think the trend of big clubs and small clubs is continuing or the dimension has changed

“Very good season and an eye opener for most clubs, we had a situation were we saw big clubs really struggling to beat so called small teams. An indication that games are no longer predetermined, we are reaching at a point were we won’t have small teams as any team can lose to any other.”

Narrowing down to Napsa Stars, who does she think was their best player ?

“Definitely Dickson Chapa.

Very hard working, team player… he played all

the games from start to finish. Excellent perfomances if you were to ask me. Mavugo also didn’t disappoint on his first season. We have a sign that we can have a bright side on the next campaign. Of course we need to work extra hard all teams are improving . We need to.”

With that said, What next for Napsa Stars

“We just want to pick up from where we left and work extra hard to try and contest for honors. We are taking one step at a time and the just ended Season really gave us so much confidence going forward. We just have to continue fighting and working hard. With the ream that we have with little addition, we are optimistic this will work out . We believe .”

Napsa Stars finished fifth in Stream B winning five games, drawn nine and lost four games. The team scored 21 and allowed 19 goals.

All the best in the next season.

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