Mutati dares Nevers, Let’s face off at the convention


MMD faction leader Felix Mutati says the party cannot be docile because of a disgruntled individual who has refused to accept that members have chosen other leaders.

Addressing party members in Chasefu District, Mutati said the party will not be distracted from mobilising due to an individual who wants to impose himself on the membership.

In an apparent reference to Nevers Mumba who has challenged the legality of the convention that elected the Mutati led Executive Committee, Mutati said leaders should not impose themselves on people.

He said when he lost to Dr Mumba in 2012 he did not go to court to challenge the outcome but that he remained a member of the party and waited for the convention so that he can try again.

“Let’s go and compete at the convention. It is the people who chose leaders. Its you the members who should say this is the person we want. Power is in the people were there are no people you can’t be a president never! So don’t listen to anyone who claims to be president of the party. There is only one president in the party MMD. Don’t be deceived by their smooth language in English, it is all lies. When anyone comes to you tell them let’s go to a convention so that you can be chosen.

“What I have said is that as the party MMD we only have got one president. We are in court defending ourselves as the same individual has taken us to court, because the members chose us. In 2012 I stood for elections you remember isn’t it? We had provincial conferences in all provinces. In 2012 I was beaten isn’t it? You don’t even need to be reminded, some of the members who helped him beat me are here. When I lost and I was down I didn’t go to court. After falling I told myself that I will remain in my party. I said I will not take my loss to court because the story of MMD is the convention, it’s has never been the courts.

“That’s is why we are saying that we wait for a convention but we can’t just be docile as a party because we won’t catch up with our friends who are mobilising. Our friends will not wait for us to deal with our challenges and some of our friends will leave us so we need to do what we can to ensure that the party is in good condition,” he said.

Mutati also met Lumezi and Lundazi district officials for the party whom he told to be patient with the matters before the high court as they will be concluded soon.

The MMD leader is accompanied by his National Executive members Chairman Security Sam Moyo, National Chairlady Maggie Musonda and Dauzen Tembo who is the National Youth Chairperson.

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