Full names; Promise Musonda Kelvin Jr

6th Born out of 7 Children of Mr and Mrs Musonda… despite 3 are late, I happen to be the only male child in the remaining family of 4. I was born on 4th March, 1991…. education background did my primary schooling at Kamwala South School Junior Secondary and completed my Senior Secondary Schooling at Kamulanga High School…I proceeded to study with BCS/IMIS with Rexton College where I did my IMIS- Institute of Management for Information Systems….though got stuck and couldn’t finish up with my final exams due to financial crisis..

I grew up from a Christian home of Mr and Mrs Musonda, and such has always been a build up to who I am today, people have asked me where I tap the inspiration of the gospel singing, I must admit to the fact that from the surroundings mum exposed me too from Childhood has been one of the greatest attribute, mum used to take me along with her whenever she’s going for Choir practices at Church if I may recall very well I was pretty young by then…at the Age of 7 I joined a Sunday sing,Poetry and Drama group called currently called “Little Angels formerly known as Cobby” it’s from this background that I started learning alot of abilities God has entrusted in me,” I remember being taken by the passion I had for football when I was also a junior football player for Chawama Lions not until I went for trials at Nkhwazi FC and sustaining some injuries I couldn’t go on with Football but decided to Join a praise team called “Revelation Praise Team” in the UCZ Busokololo Congregation in Chawama,Lusaka to be exact that was somewhere in the Year 2005. In the same year I also joined the social advocate group called the “Umweo Ant Aids” from these two groups I started learning alot of things I never knew. I remember being awarded as an outstanding Poetry/Drama director in the Year 2007,2008 and it was from this experience and honor that a number of people advised me to take the gospel art in me seriously, I took time listening to the advisory part and also prayed about it. And in the Year 2011 when I was privileged to be crowned as the UCZ 1st Prince along side few comrades like the likes of Victor Sichilongo,Alexander Musonda among other 3 with different titles it encouraged me and I had no choice but to listen to the voice of God that called me to the field of bringing up the gospel in a manner that I may deliver to a number of souls out there…with the help of many Servants of God I managed to start my gospel music recording for my 1st Ever Alancemenena (he leads me) audio album that was in the Year 2013 which was later released and launched in the Year 2016-2017. By God’s grace this gospel album gave me a room to meet and share the alter or rather stage with a number of Both Foreign and Local Gospel ministers, the likes of Bshp Dr.Benjamin Dube,Dube Brothers both of South Africa,Beatrice Mwaipaja of Tanzania,Ephraim son of Africa,Kings Malembe Malembe,Marvelous Chanda,NG Exalters,Deborah C,Regina Mwanza, Pjn Joshua,Nefo Brothers,Ruth Ndhlovu among many other Zambian most trending and powerful worshippers of the Gospel. The production of this album was done from SSV studios and currently am working on my 2nd Album underway which features a number of power servants of God.
My inspiration for my song writings and composition is scripture yes the word of God it inspires me more than anything else when it comes to my music….

Thanking God the music has crossed borders Having worked with a number of international pioneers and Gospel ministers giants like the likes of Pst Joseph Mwenya the Founder and Oversee of Global Fellowship Church GFC based in the united States of America, The United Church of Zambia (Busokololo Congregation,Chawama,Lusaka,Lusaka South Consistory/ Presbytery,) Mr Schulz of Germany,Christmeal of Ghana, Playland24,The Signs Shop Ltd (Mr Sunday Simwanza),among many others have made it possible to have my music heard in different continents around the world….credits also to my Charitable Foundation Team the “Promise Dream Alive” PDA for the Endless love and support toward the ministry in me…that together we reaching Thousands of people around the world.

Yours truly

Promise Musonda Kelvin Jr

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