Maramba going through a rough patch

FAZ division zone four side Maramba Stars are in a result crisis and even the club’s passionate suppprters are beginning to painfully admit that Stars are struggling at the moment with poor results.

The team started the season on a brightnote, making their supporters brag and believe this could be the year that the people’s team would strongly challenge for promotion. However the club dropped points in their 5th game of the season which was the start of trouble for Maramba and contributed negatively in terms of the teams performance ever since.

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The people’s team supporters that have now become accustomed to the dropping of points and draws have turned on the head coach Joseph Mwale who took over the mantle in December last year by telling him what to do and whom to substitute.

The Fans are angry that Stars are no longer the beast they were in yesteryears when playing at St Raphael School Grounds, because this is the place that instilled fear for visiting teams but lately it has become very easy for any team to pick up a point or points against Maramba.

That sense of belonging and Ownership has been diminished and Maramba players are fighting hard to regain their status and focus on the field of play after a loss to Kasco Rangers,the players have struggled to bring back their fire power on the pitch and appear to have to low self confidence under this new Mentor picking just 6 draws and losing two away games to Maamba Energy and Sinazongwe United in there last 8 games.

Watching Maramba Star’s games these days has not been eye Catching especially or inspiring for the local fans who watch on with keen interest from the Terraces. Despite the poor run of form the supporters have continued to support the team in this bad patch.

The fans who are the major stake holders for any club believe its just a phase of not picking points. Just like any other season maintaining a good run is not easy, finger pointing at the technical team and players for the recent performances won’t be helpful at all but believing and working together hand in hand will help the people’s team regain their confidence and finally get back to winning ways.

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