Lusaka national park restocked 

By Blessings Chibuye

The Ministry of Tourism has started the first phase of restocking the Lusaka National Park as a way of attracting local and international tourists.

Tourism Minister, RODNEY SIKUMBA witnessed the release of 12 Axis Deer, 14 Impala and two Zebras from the holding bomas at the Lusaka National Park.

Mr. SIKUMBA says the restocking exercise will continue while other measures are being implemented to ensure the park becomes a preferred tourist destination.

Speaking after touring the Lusaka National Park, Mr. SIKUMBA disclosed that the Ministry also took time to study the challenges the previous animals faced in the park which led to increased mortalities.

He said the challenge included lack of adequate water drinking points leading the ministry to drill industrial boreholes which are more sustainable.

Mr. SIKUMBA further said the National Park also has an inclusion of six baby giraffe and Rhinos that he hopes will encourage the public to visit the parks and better market the country.

Meanwhile, British High Commissioner to Zambia NICHOLAS WOOLLEY said the British Government will continue being a proud partner of Zambian tourism by encouraging more international visitors.

And National Parks and Wildlife Director, DOMINIC CHIINDE said the department will continue protecting and maintaining the integrity of the national parks.

He further warned encroachers and poachers across the country that they will not be tolerated.

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