Nangoma Foundation Executive Director, MATOMOLA LIKWANYA has called for the immunity of Former President EDGAR LUNGU to be lifted.

Speaking during a walk in interview, Mr. LIKWANYA said the immunity for the Former President needs to be lifted so that the Drug Enforcement Commission, Police and Anti-Corruption Commission can carry out their investigations into the various allegations.

Mr. LIKWANYA says the corruption fight should NOT be segregative because NO one is above the law.

He says the move is in the best interest of ZAMBIANS.

On Friday, Mr. LIKWANYA’s Organisation and various interest groups are expected to deliver a petition on the removal of the Former President’s immunity.

And, Mr. LIKWANYA said as the country carries out Constitutional reforms, the Immunity of the President must be removed from the constitution.

He suggests that this will help in the Asset recovery programmes in future once that Head of State is accused of various corruption offences.

Article 98 Subsection 5 of the Constitution only empowers the President to take to parliament, a report of prima facie case and move the motion.

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