The BWILE Royal Establishment in Chienge District of Luapula Province has banned the use of illegal Fishing gear on Lake Mweru.

The ban follows a complaint by the Mweru-Luapula Fisheries Management Committee and the Fisheries Department over the rampant use of destructive Fishing methods such as Mosquitoes Nets, which are locally known as IFIDANANA.

Mweru-Luapula Fisheries Management Committee Chairperson, Mwaba Chisela has revealed that unscrupulous Fishermen and women are sewing together between 3-hundred and 4-hundred Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets which they are using to ply their Fishing Trade in Lake Mweru.

ZANIS Reports that the revelation was made during a Meeting held at Senior Chief Puta’s Palace.

Mr. Chisela also revealed that his Committee has discovered that individual Fishermen own as much as 15 illegal Nets made from about 4-hundred Mosquito Nets.

And Chienge District Fisheries Officer, Roina Banda complained of interference by People with Operations of her Department.

Meanwhile, Senior Chief Puta called on all the Stakeholders in the Fisheries Co-management Area to unite and ensure that all the illegal gears are confiscated and destroyed so the Fish Stocks on Lake Mweru can be replenished.

He urged Traditional Leaders, the Local Council, Ministry of Health, Politicians and other stakeholders to unite in the resolve to completely eliminate illegal Fishing gears on Lake Mweru.

The Meeting resolved to remove and destroy all the illegal Fishing gear, and ensure only Lawful Fishing Nets are permitted to cast on Lake Mweru.

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