ICTAZ welcomes busting of scam syndicate

Paul Shalala


The Information Communication Technology Association of Zambia -ICTAZ has commended law enforcement agencies for busting a syndicate which was scamming people in Zambia.

ICTAZ President CLEMENT SINYANGWE says the discovery of the syndicate makes sad reading especially that young school leavers were lured to commit crimes online.

Dr. SINYANGWE says his organization is interested in joining the investigations so that it can establish if any of its members were involved in illegal activities.

Dr. SINYANGWE has told ZNBC News in an interview in Lusaka that any ICTAZ member who will be found wanting will be punished accordingly.

He has also urged the Immigration Department to establish if the company involved in scamming was availed with a practicing certificate by ICTAZ or not.

Dr. SINYANGWE said performing ICT business without a licence from ICTAZ is an offence punishable by law.

On Tuesday, The Drug Enforcement Commission -DEC- bust a highly sophisticated cybercrime syndicate in LUSAKA in which school levers were being employed as call agents.

A significant amount of illegal materials, including Sim boxing machines, 13,000 domestic and international SIM cards used in fraudulent activities and sophisticated mobile and internet communication were seized by law enforcement Agencies.

Over 80 people among them 60 Zambians, 22 Chinese and a Cameroonian were at Golden Top Support Services in an operation conducted by DEC in conjunction with Police, Immigration and the Anti Terrorism organizations

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