“HH drought relief appeal to help mobilize support”

By Sharon Siame

The Economics Association of Zambia -EAZ- says President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s drought appeal is a crucial step in mobilizing support and resources to address the impacts of the drought.

EAZ President, OSWALD MUNGULE says the appeal provides a platform for financial support from both local and international partners.

Dr. MUNGULE notes that the drought support, being an executive order, does not require approval from Parliament.

He has however recommended that transparency and accountability systems be put in place to ensure that the funds are utilized effectively and efficiently.

In a statement, Dr. MUNGULE has since called for prudent utilization of the resources and that Government should guard against misuse or mismanagement.

Dr. MUNGULE has urged Government to leverage the Green and Sustainability financing, which comprises grants rather than loans.

He said the financing mechanism provides an opportunity to access resources needed for adaptation projects in various sectors, including agriculture, health, education, and humanitarian assistance.

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