HH Commissions dewatering of Shaft 28

By Tamara Muswala

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA says the de-watering of Shaft 28 at Luanshya Copper Mines on the Copperbelt, will create over 3,000 jobs, which will in turn recapitalize small businesses.

President HICHILEMA says Shaft 28 is expected to produce about 40,000 metric tonnes of copper once operational.

This will contribute towards achieving the three Million tonnes national production target in the next 10 years.

The President has explained that these developments will give a new lease of life to the people of Luanshya.

He was speaking at the commissioning of the de-watering of Shaft 28 today in Luanshya district.

And CNMC Luanshya Copper Mine Chairperson, WANG JINGIUN said about 170 million cubic metres of water will be pumped out using customised pumps.

Mr WANG said the water will be used in electricity generation and other activities such as agriculture, while a new concentrator will also be constructed.

Mines Minister, PAUL KABUSWE said the de-watering of Shaft 28, comes as a result of President HICHILEMA’s visit to China, where he met CNMC Chairperson and that Country’s President.

Mr. KABUSWE said the development is a big achievement not only for the government but the people of Zambia as well.

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