HH Advises Engineers Institute to check on projects

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has urged the Engineering Institution of Zambia EIZ to ensure that the many contractors engaged to undertake projects are monitored for quality works that will stand the test of time.

Mr. HICHILEMA says with the rapid increase in infrastructure development and the Constituency Development Fund CDF, now more than ever, the country needs the expertise of engineering professionals to be brought to the fore.

President HICHILEMA says all engineering works delivered must be of acceptable standard for the benefit of the economy and the people of Zambia.

President HICHILEMA said this in a virtual address at the 67th Engineering Institution of Zambia Annual General Meeting and Symposium being held in Livingstone.

And, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Minister CHARLES MILUPI has challenged engineers to join hands with government to find solutions to the challenges the country is facing.

Mr. MILUPI said engineering affects every aspect of people’s lives such as access to water, roads, infrastructure, food and security among others hence the need for engineers to use their knowledge to support governments economic recovery and growth agenda.

Speaking at the same event, Technology and Science Minister FELIX MUTATI said in the last two years, the level of access to skills has moved from thirty thousand to nearly one hundred thousand.

Meanwhile EIZ President ABEL NG’ANDU has re-emphasized the call on government to consider creating an Engineer General’s Office for a stronger position in monitoring the practice and safeguarding the interests and future of the Zambian people.

Mr. NG’ANDU who is outgoing president said his administration has managed to grow the membership from fifty nine thousand in 2020 to seventy five thousand in 2023.

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