Harmony Farm Subdivision Saddens Luo

Fisheries and Livestock Minister Nkandu Luo is sadden that Harmony Farm in Choma district has been subdivided.And Professor Luo  has warned that she will reverse the development if investigations reveal that the land was illegally subdivided.Speaking during a familiarization tour of government projects under her Ministry in Choma, Professor Luo  also expressed concern that Harmony Farm and Batoka Ranch have been under-utilized.She said this development has created a fertile ground for illegalities like land encroachment. And Sothern Province Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba appealed to Professor Luo to ensure construction of dip tanks which has been abandoned resumes to protect livestock from diseases. Mr. Liomba noted that 30 percent of the cattle population in Zambia is in Southern province hence the need to protect the animals from diseases. Post Views: 2
News Source: ZNBC

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