Bwezani Mbewe | June 5, 2019

Green Eagles are not leaving any stone unturned as they hope to land Southern Province the first league title . A land mark which will be great for people of Choma to be specific.

Bwezani talked to the Club Secretary , Mr Friday Sinayngwe , to learn how the club was preparing for the forth coming games.

The plan is very clear…

“We are very much aware of what is ahead of of us, in the immediate future we know we have three games out of Choma, two for the ABSA Cup and one for the Coronation. The fans are our greatest weapon and we shall ferry them on all the three trips for these massive fixtures, ” said Sinyangwe.

Green Eagles will kick start their three trip tours with a semi final berth of the ABSA Cup at Nkoloma Stadium before travelling for the final , possibly to be played on the Copperbelt on the 22nd June. The tours will end with the Coronation of the Transitional League on the 29th June 2019 at Heroes Stadium.

Its another period for Green Eagles and its Executive Committee to show the pedigree that they have exhibited in the past as one of the most organised teams in preparations and traveling.

This is one thing the Club Secretary boasts of and he knows the reason why the team has been very successful in the last couple of seasons .

“As the executive committee, we believe that the success comes from support from Zambia National Service Command, Commitment by Players and Coaches, Cooperation within the EXCO not forgetting our twelveth player, up to the supporters. We are committed to continue with the solidarity and support we have shown to this team. “said Sinyangwe.

He concludes with the message to the fans

“The Club is for the entire Southern Province and the EXCO is indebted to our passionate supporters, we urge them to continue supporting the team.”

while the neutrals believe it will be a toll order for Green Eagles bugging the league title for the first time, the Green Eagles followers believe their time is now. The belief shared by both EXCO and the Players .

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