Chief Chikanta of Kalomo district Southern Province has told farmers to complement efforts by executive to sort the goat and sheep market.
Chief Chikanta says the dream to eradicate poverty within the country can turn out to be a truth if folks invent no longer depend upon white collar jobs and copper.
The Primitive Chief said this this day when he officiated at a Goat and Sheep Indaba in Lusaka.
The Chief further thanked the farmers for organising the event when the country is facing a request of of 1,000,000 goats by Saudi Arabia.
And Lumwana Community Industry Affiliation Chairperson Georgina Zulu said her organisation is tantalizing chiefs in spearheading developmental programs comparable to goat farming.
Ms Zulu said that is because the organisation believes that farming might perhaps perhaps assist alleviate poverty amongst communities.

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