FNB Closure Rumors Fake: Bank Issues Official Denial

Kaingu says scheduled technology upgrades at FNB’s Cairo and Makeni branches have contributed to the confusion

By Francis Maingaila

*Lusaka, Zambia – (17-05-2024) – First National Bank (FNB) Zambia has categorically denied rumors circulating on social media suggesting the closure of any of its branches in the country.

According to Kasali Mwaba Kaingu, Head of Strategic Marketing and Communication at FNB, the bank’s management has clarified that these rumors are baseless and aimed at spreading misinformation.

Ms. Kapumpe Chola, CEO of FNB Zambia, has reiterated the bank’s commitment to its customers and stakeholders, emphasizing the institution’s financial stability and operational integrity.

“FNB Zambia is financially sound and remains fully operational. We have no intention of closing any of our branches,” Ms. Chola assured.

Kaingu said authorities are currently investigating the origin of a letter purportedly announcing the closure of FNB Zambia branches to identify those responsible for its dissemination.

Despite the bank’s reassurance, concerns arose due to this letter, which has been deemed fake.

Kaingu emphasized FNB’s recent strong performance in the financial sector, as evidenced by its quarterly results for the first quarter of 2024.

Kaingu urged customers to disregard the false closure rumors and rely on official communications from the bank.

Kaingu observed that scheduled technology upgrades at FNB’s Cairo and Makeni branches have contributed to the confusion.

However, the bank had previously communicated these enhancements to affected customers through official channels and provided alternative banking options to minimize disruption during the upgrade period.

“The Central Bank of Zambia and regulatory bodies are collaborating with FNB Zambia to address the spread of misinformation and ensure the security of customers’ financial interests,” Kaingu stated.

Kaingu advised clients to remain vigilant and report any suspicious communications they encounter.

“FNB Zambia remains committed to delivering exceptional banking services and maintaining the trust of its customers. Official updates and announcements can be found on the bank’s website or obtained by contacting customer service directly. Staying informed through official channels is essential to avoid falling prey to false information,” added Kaingu.

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